Thursday, 11 June 2009

My Writing Process

A blank screen: I stare at that a lot. I know it as well as the back of my hand (I stare at that too). So much, so, that I’ve even named it…Blanky, Oh, when Blanky shows up I feel like throwing myself down a flight of stairs. Luckily for me, our house has no stairs. Instead, I scream out vulgar phrases at the screen, being typing, stop, delete everything (I don’t get far, maybe a sentence) I’ve just written, then go back to screaming. It’s a tedious routine.

And this only happens when I’m writing the one, the novel I’ve been pouring my heart and soul into (evil, soul-sucking novel, ggrr!). For this novel, (titled: Bloodstone), I can’t write a chapter unless I know EVERYTHING: from an insignificant butt scratch, to the bloodiest gun battle. I need to know, because if I don’t know, it doesn’t feel right. When it doesn’t feel right, I dump it into my draft folder and let it rot there for all eternity. Yes, I probably should see some counseling…after I write this damn thing!

So, my writing process? PLANNING, lots and lots of planning. Some say that too much planning takes away the ‘magic’, and so, you don’t want to write it anymore. I hope I’m not the only one, but it’s different for me. I don’t ever come across such feelings. I get a lot of joy from planning, a lot of inspirational thoughts, moments, etc. And then, when it’s a great idea, I’m hyped and ready to write. If I don’t plan, I feel like I’m stumbling around in the dark, looking for the light-switch.

And whenever I’m in doubt, I run to Jess and Marie. THANK GOD FOR JESS AND MARIE! Feedback can open your eyes to an undiscovered route.

So there, my not-so-amazing writing process.

By, JJ :)

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