Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Another Rotunda event

Here's a reminder from Bruno:

Dear Rotundians, dear lovers of books and beautiful language, dear chance visitors to Victoria’s, dear never-beens to Victoria’s (everybody welcome!!)

This is our last chance to gather there for..


READINGS and MUSIC and delicious food and wine and heartening conversation
(and perhaps some dancing-who knows??)

Guest readers: Poet extraordinaire Kristin Henry
Local legend Barry Garner
“Westgate Sister” Margaret McCarthy
Plus music and songs
Light meal $20
Drinks available from bar

Wednesday 21st October
kicks off @6pm
Victoria’s Restaurant
Building 1
Sunbury Campus
Victoria University

We are strictly limited to 60 places. Please book early. We need exact bookings too

-per favore
RSVP (essential):
0422 298 643
Please give me a wave to let us know message received! Grazie.


Monday, 7 September 2009

My Writing Process

I have been writing since I was a small child, though back then most of my manuscripts never made it past the first chapter before I either got bored or had a burst of inspiration for another story. Cleaning out my desk a few months ago, I found about twenty different exercise books, in which I had scribbled out plots and character templates to use for a series of stories I was planning to write.
The matter is now humorous considering, ten or so years on, I am studying how to do that professionally. What seemed like years of mucking around and having fun, may in fact turn out to be what I do for a living one day. It goes to show that people can discover their calling even at so young an age.
Despite all those years, however—all of the high school English classes and a year and a half’s worth of studying professional writing, I find that my methods of creating a story haven’t changed that dramatically. I still write in exercise books and write out my ideas on post-it notes; I still draw inspiration from music, film, literature and art, and continue to plunge into a story that has not yet revealed itself to me.
I have always believed that characters make a story. If they are not strong or relatable enough, the story will not be as successful. This is why I tend to start with them.
I feel as though a writer must care for and treat their characters as though they are their own children. Of course, we all want to look after our characters, to protect them as we would our kids. But we also know that they have to make mistakes and run into trouble every now and then in order to survive and grow. It’s a harsh world and we cannot mollycoddle them forever. It has been a struggle to do so, but eventually I had to learn to just let go and let them experience that thing called life.
Once I feel I have a grasp on who my characters are, the rest kind of writes itself. Every other aspect of the story holds a smaller significance and I tend not to spend much time on those things. I choose whatever setting feels right for the characters or the storyline. Something I feel I know reasonably well and that speaks out to me. The rest, you can say, is history.
Lucky for the trees, I now have my own computer, so I don’t use as many exercise books as I did before. Though, I’ve still kept them all, hoping that one day I’ll finish one of them off.
They also serve as a security blanket and a reminder, on those days when I don’t feel as motivated or inspired, that this is what I have always wanted to do, and will hopefully continue to do for a great while longer.

Hayley Thom, novel student

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Platform 4 calling for submissions

In another email from Bruno. Contact me Tracey.Rolfe@vu.edu.au if you want me to forward the ideas list -- it's taken from a published book, which I don't have permission to post here...

Dear students, teachers, writers, support staff, counsellors, members of the western suburbs,

We are calling for new writing for Edition 4 of Platform due out in early term 4.

Platform comes out of the program of Youth, VCE and Community Education-within VU College, Victoria University

Everybody welcome to submit pieces and we will endeavour to give as many people a voice as possible.

Writing due: Friday 18th September

Platform is focused at the young student at VU...Platform is about
Age speaking to Youth
Youth to Age

Email your pieces to:

please find attached a list of ideas-but don’t be constrained by that at all...

keep writing!!!!!
Bruno Lettieri
on behalf of

Megan Green and Martina Michael

Another chance to workshop

Want a fresh eye to look over some of your work. Here's an offer by the Higher Ed people, which all of you students are eligible to take up. Obviously the first few dates have passed, but this is in the current global email list, so there are probably spots in later dates...

Writing Central
VU General Writing Workshops for All Students and All Staff.
Up and Running Again for Semester two

This is a wonderful opportunity for all those who love writing or for those who keep their writing cards close to their chest.
Tuesday Aug 11 will be the first writing workshop for anybody at VU who would like their piece of writing read, workshopped, commented on, etc.
Any kind of writing is OK - poetry, short stories, writing assignments, hip hop/rap, lyrics, journalism, plays, early steps towards a novel ...
Anybody is welcome.
Even if all you have is a vague idea for a story.
All workshops will be held in an atmosphere of friendly support and advice.
The sessions are held at St Albans campus and will run for an hour. Bring your lunch, come when you can, sit and listen or contribute.

We can probably look at 4 pieces each workshop. If you have a piece you'd like feedback on send it through to me electronically for photocopying:
michael.hyde@vu.edu.au . First in best dressed.
Feel free to pass on to your lists.

Workshop dates for this semester:

Tuesday Aug 11 Room 4C337 12 to 1pm
Monday Aug 31 Room 4C337 1 to 2pm
Tuesday Sept 15 Room 4C337 12 to 1pm
Tuesday Oct 6 Room 4C337 12 to 1pm
Tuesday Oct 20 Room 4C337 12 to 1pm

Next Rotunda event (after tonight!)

And news of the next Rotunda event, which will be back in the Toniq Bar...

Just when you thought we'd never be back at the Toniq Bar @ Footscray Park and see that river and that racetrack and those open sports fields.
Just when you thought
Don Watson was only on Bruno's wish list and would never materialise.

Just when you were despairing that public language would never find its vitality and vibrancy and poetry.

Just when you thought music and conversation and wine and camaraderie couldn't all meet in the same space

Rotunda in the West: Conversations with Australian Writers
brought to you by

Professional Writing and Editing (TAFE)


Don Watson,
"American Journeys"
"Recollections of a Bleeding Heart"
"On Indignation"
"Death Sentence-The Decay of Public Language"

Thursday, 17th September 2009
6.30pm for 7pm start

Venue: TONIQ BAR (drinks at bar prices)
Building M (level 0)
Footscray Park campus
Victoria University
Ballarat Road

$10 or $5 (concession)

RSVP essential: b
0422 29 86 43

Please wave back and tell us you, your friends, your students are coming.
Grazie mille!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rotunda in the West is proudly supported by Office for Industry and Community Engagement
and Office for Vocational Education

Rotunda tonight!

Here's the latest news from Bruno:

Rotunda in the West: Conversations with Australian Writers

in the spirit of community engagement


Brimbank Literary Festival
@ Australian Technical College, Sunshine

A three way PARTNERSHIP between VU, Brimbank Literary Festival and ATC Sunshine

Tuesday 1st September
free event
Venue: ATC Sunshine
76 Suffolk Rd
(wine and finger food served)

Special Guests:

Hannie Rayson (playwright, columnist)
in conversation with

Michael Cathcart (historian, broadcaster)

Please wave back and indicate your interest...open to all.
Just a five minute drive from Rotunda's traditional home.
Please pass on this invitation.

Grazie mille
Bruno Lettieri
0422 29 86 43


Rotunda in the West is hosted by Professional Writing and Editing (TAFE) @ VU
Supported generously by: Office for Industry and Community Engagement
Office of Vocational Education