Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Another chance to workshop

Want a fresh eye to look over some of your work. Here's an offer by the Higher Ed people, which all of you students are eligible to take up. Obviously the first few dates have passed, but this is in the current global email list, so there are probably spots in later dates...

Writing Central
VU General Writing Workshops for All Students and All Staff.
Up and Running Again for Semester two

This is a wonderful opportunity for all those who love writing or for those who keep their writing cards close to their chest.
Tuesday Aug 11 will be the first writing workshop for anybody at VU who would like their piece of writing read, workshopped, commented on, etc.
Any kind of writing is OK - poetry, short stories, writing assignments, hip hop/rap, lyrics, journalism, plays, early steps towards a novel ...
Anybody is welcome.
Even if all you have is a vague idea for a story.
All workshops will be held in an atmosphere of friendly support and advice.
The sessions are held at St Albans campus and will run for an hour. Bring your lunch, come when you can, sit and listen or contribute.

We can probably look at 4 pieces each workshop. If you have a piece you'd like feedback on send it through to me electronically for photocopying:
michael.hyde@vu.edu.au . First in best dressed.
Feel free to pass on to your lists.

Workshop dates for this semester:

Tuesday Aug 11 Room 4C337 12 to 1pm
Monday Aug 31 Room 4C337 1 to 2pm
Tuesday Sept 15 Room 4C337 12 to 1pm
Tuesday Oct 6 Room 4C337 12 to 1pm
Tuesday Oct 20 Room 4C337 12 to 1pm

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